July 25, 2016

July 25th

Mi Familia y Amigos,

I just want to tell you all how grateful I am for each and every one of you!! For all of your love and support, and letters of encouragement(: You all are the best!

This week was a wonderful week. My companion and I were really trying hard to be dilligent and open our mouths, and we were able to see the fruit of our labors. This week I was thinking a lot about what my Mission President said at our last zone conference. He said, "Our purpose isn't just to open our mouths and talk with the people, our purpose is to open our mouth and convince them". Here in my mission, we have this thing called LPE's (lessons to find) .... it's a system that my former mission president instituted to help us increase our teaching numbers... but basically the goal is we try to talk with as many people as possible and have mini lessons with everyone we come into contact with. Well, we are kind of lazy with it.... we talk to people, but we generally just hand them a pass along card and invite them to visit  mormon.org. Which, isn't bad, it's an invitation to learn more... but they weren't convinced. They weren't convinced that we had a special message that could bless them and their families forever. So that was our goal this week... to open our mouths and invite the spirit to convince them. It made all the difference. We testified of Christ, we testified that he came here to the Americas, we testified of prophets, and that we have one today. We TESTIFIED. And their was power in those testimonies. As a missionary, my purpose is to open my mouth and find the people that the Lord is preparing to hear the word. To testify with words, to share pamphlets, and teach lessons. But as members of Christ's church...our purpose is to testify to others through our actions. Through the way we live our lives. To show them that we BELIEVE the things that we claim to believe, and we ACT like disciples of Jesus Christ. That we love our Savior. And they will be able to see that... to see the light we have, and they will want it. This Gospel is a gift, we should act like it!!!  What a priviledge it is to have this knowledge!! Moral of the Story? Remember who you represent.... people are always watching(: I love you all and I hope you have a fabulous week!!! 


Hermana Van Deuces

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