August 1, 2016

Another Change Down...

Mi Familia y Amigos! 

Another week has passed....and another cambio too!! 3 Months in Panama!! Crazy!! AAANNNNNDDDDD... I just found out that my dear companion is leaving me. Sad, sad day. We thought that she was going to stay because she only has one change left..... but the Lord had other plans. AHHH, my heart is broken!! But it's all good, and I know it's for a wise purpose. She's been called to be Hermana Lider and open a new area about 5 hours from here. I still don't know who my new comp will be or any of that... It's a little crazy right now to be honest and my mind isn't really here... so this email will be short... 

BUT we had a baptism Saturday! Our dear sweet investigator Diana was baptized, and it was awesome!! To see her face when she came up out of the water was the coolest thing ever. What a blessing it is to be apart of this work and to be able to see the changes in these people. But the coolest thing is that we have the opportunity to renew these convenants that we have made each and every Sunday when we partake of the Sacrament. What a tender, merciful Lord that we have. The Gospel is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well... that's about it!! But I love you all and I hope this week is absolutely fabulous!! 

Hermana Van Deusen

I have pictures but the computer is being dumb... next week! 

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