March 13, 2017

La Santa Cena

Mi Familia y Amigos,

You know how I'm always talking about how many miracles we are seeing and how awesome the mission is??? WELL guess what??? This week was no exception. 13 investigators came to church yesterday. 13!!!! I don't know if that sounds like a lot or a little to you all... but it's a lot! We normally have about 5, 6 if it's a good week... but no. Yesterday 13! Our investigators are just really, really awesome. I'm also really grateful for our ward and for all the support they give us. I love Nueva Esperanza!!! AND guess what?! 5 of those 13 people are getting baptized on Saturday. I'm HAPPY!! Can you tell???

Yesterday because of that great miracle, it made me think about why we go to church. What's the point? 

The Sacrament. 

Yesterday my recent convert Cristian blessed the Sacrament for the first time... his face was shining as he excitedly told us on Saturday when we visited him that he was going to bless it. As he said the words, I felt so much gratitude for this gospel and for the Savior who changes lives. Later on that same day, our investigator Edwin (another miracle I haven't told you about... long story short his wife and daughters are members but he's not, we've been working REALLY hard with him for like 2.5 months and on Saturday he's getting baptized!!!!) told us that he was upset because they had gotten to church late and missed the Sacrament. He said that he knows that that is the most important part, and doesn't want to miss it again. He isn't even a member of the church yet... but he feels in his heart the power of that ordinance. Isn't that incredible??

The Sacrament is so important. It means so, so much to me. I can't imagine missing it. Sometimes the week feels so long and my heart just longs for those 10 minutes of complete peace and reflection. It HELPS me. It helps me remember the Savior. It helps me have peace. It helps me be better. The sacrament prayer never changes. It's to remind us. He just wants to remind us. Make the Sacrament a spiritual experience every week. That's why it's there. IRemember the promise of 3 Nephi 18:12...

Blessed ye shall be. 

I love and miss you all!! Have a fabulous week!! 
Hermana Van Deusen

Selfies at the pizza place... because my camera was dead all week!