December 19, 2016

Perseverar Hasta El Fin

Mi Familia y Amigos,

This week was just... wow. Another week of miracles, and experiences that truly taught me what it means to be humble. As a mission, we are studying the Doctrine of Christ, and this week our principle was Endure to the End...well Friday we met a woman who defines exactly what that means. Her name is Nuria, she´s been a member for about 4 years but right now is inactive. The unique thing about Nuria is that she is paralyzed. About 3 years ago she had a stroke that left her completely disabled. She couldn´t talk, she couldn´t walk... and she was left to take care of her 12 year old daughter alone. No husband, no family close by, and a mountain of difficulties. As we talked with her, she told us her story. After her stroke she couldn´t work, and thus had no income.... She shared with us how there had been more than one occassion in that she and her daughter came close to starving to death. One day they were so hungry that they had to eat DOG FOOD because there was nothing else, and no money to buy anything, but she testified of the miracle that it was that she had something to sustain her that night. She told us how for 6 months she hasn´t been able to pay for the pills that the doctors prescriped, but then explained that God is strengthening her now more than ever before. She told us that the doctors told her that she would never walk or talk again, but she smiled and said ¨But I put my trust in the Lord and look at how I am now!¨ It literally brought me to tears to hear her words. I have never met anyone so humble. So completely humble. I looked at this woman, barely able to walk, living in a tiny, dirty house made of blocks, telling us about some of the MANY challenges she has had, and doing it all with a smile on her face! She testified of the power of prayer with so much conviction, that the spirit was palpable! She told us that a few weeks ago she had prayed to Heavenly Father that he would send her his angles, and then we showed up. She said that our visit was a testimony to her that he listens.

It was such an amazing thing to see. I´m happy to report that we called some members on Sunday, and after 10 long months, that Sister was finally able to take the Sacrament. I felt so grateful and humbled at the fact that she called us her angels, even though we had done nothing but read a few verses from the scriptures with her. She has endurance, and I KNOW that she will receive a DIVINE reward for her stamina.

As part of my studies, I found a scripture in 3 Nephi 15:9... I encourage you all to read it, and think about how we can "look unto (the Savior)". As I pondered this scripture, I realized the power of a "look". For example, when a woman is giving birth, she looks to her husband and draws the strength from the nervious/excited expression on his face. When a child is doing a school play, they are nervious until they look at their parents and see them smiling with a thumbs up. When a Grandparent is in the hospital, the smiling look of their loved one's brings them that inner peace that everything will be alright. Their is power in a look. So how much stronger are we, how much more confidence we will have, if we "look" at the Savior. If we open our eyes to see him. THAT is what gives us the strength to endure to the end. THAT is what supports us on this path to eternal life. It's him! It is always him.

I'm sorry this email is so long, but it was a great week! I love you all so very very much, and I hope that your CHRISTMAS is absolutely fabulous! Remember who it's all about.


Hermana Van Deusen

"Christmas" apparently means "EVERYBODY PAINT YOUR HOUSE" here in Panama haha

December 12, 2016


Mi Familia y Amigos,

This week was a week of MIRACLES!! Oh my goodness it has been so fabulous. Let me give you an example of just how much the Lord was helping us this week....

So about 3 weeks ago we got a referral from some other missionaries for a sister that lives in a SUPER far away part of our area. WELL we decided Wednesday that we were going to go out there to try and find her. The only problem is that the missionaries only gave us her name and house number. In the United States that would be sufficient, right???? Well Panama is a different story... because about 95% of the houses don't have numbers, and if they do, they aren't in order. SO we go out there, get off the bus, and look at each other with a kind of "where do we start?" expression. Well we decided that our best option was to ask a group of old men that were sitting outside of this little store close to the bus stop. We asked, "Hey, do you guys know a Maria Rodriguez?" And they were off. Turns out about 8 people with the name Maria Rodriguez live there. They started spitting out names and directions telling us to go this way and that way and maybe it is her but no her last name is Ricardo but maybe it's the widow of Juan and then there's that lady over there but I can't remember if her name is Maria or Marta but my neighbors name is Maria but she's catholic and hey do you guys want a soda?... and it was about 25 minutes of that.  UNTIL an angel came. His name is Ariel, and he said that he would take us to a Maria Rodriguez that lives down the street and we could see if she's the one we were looking for. So we were like, Okay! So we go, and turns out, it wasn't her. BUT she said that there was another Maria Rodriguez that lives down the street that might be the one we were looking for.... so we go, and turns out, it wasn't her. BUT her neighbor told us of a Maria that lived on the other side of town... so we go, and turns out, she wasn't home. BUT some people across the street told us there was another Maria that lived on the other street... so we go, and turns out, she wasn't home either! BUT her husband was!!! And so we asked, is this house number 21???? And he said, "Why yes it is". 2 HOURS OF SEARCHING BUT WE FOUND THE HOUSE!!!!! So we asked if we could share a message with him and wait for his wife to get home. We taught a lesson about the Plan of Salvation, and it was beautiful. Maria Rodriguez got home just as we were finishing up the lesson... she was shocked to see us, but they both told us to come back and share another message. I believe in Miracles.

That was just a little thing. I don't know if she will get baptized, or how her story will turn out, but the Lord wanted us to find her. He didn't make it easy, but by making it such a struggle, he showed us that he is always there. Not to mention the fact that almost everyone in that town knows us now haha. As I was contemplating this experience, I thought of what it says in Mormon 9: 15-19, "God has not ceased to be a God of miracles". He hasn't ceased and he never will. His hand is always there. He is ALWAYS helping us! Sometimes we just have to take the time to see it. Sometimes we have to ASK to see it. As Nephi stated in 2 Nephi 4:35, "I know that God will give liberally to him that asketh". Ask for a miracle. Have faith.

As it says in one of the best Christmas movies ever...

"Seeing isn't believing, Believing is seeing"

I love you all so much!!! Have a FABULOUS week for me!!

Hermana Van Deusen

December 5, 2016

Staying in Caceres

Mi Familia y Amigos,

Well I officially have no time because there was no electricity at all today (happens more than you'd think) and so we are just now getting the chance to write... so to sum this week up...

Changes came and I'm staying here in Caceres... woot woot! Which means I'll be here for Christmas and New Years and all that jazz.. not to mention my half way mark *yeesh. Life is good, the work is progressing, and I'm just so grateful to be a missionary!!

So that's about it! I'm alive and well!!

I love you all and I hope that your week is wonderful and beautiful and full of lot of hot chocolate and Christmas Lights!! I promise that next week my email will be better!!


Hermana Van Deusen

November 29, 2016

God Is Real!

Mi Familia y Amigos,

 Well this week was Suuuuuuuperb!! Wednesday we found an American family while contacting, and I put on my best smile and got us invited over for thanksgiving dinner!! It was a lot of fun and, although it wasn't the same as back home, it was a beautiful day! The turkey was delicious! The weather here has been crazy because of the Hurricane that is passing by Central America.... lots of storms but nothing too severe has hit Panama. Two people in our neighborhood died though because of a mudslide that totally destroyed their house. It was super sad... thankfully it was the next street over and our house didn't receive any damage. It was a reminder that anything can happen at any time. No baptisms this week, but we are PRAYING that one of our investigators follows through with his baptismal date set for next week. We will see what happens!!

 So this week we found an atheist, which like, never happens in Panama.... everyone believes in God here, it was such a shock to walk up to her door and find her yelling "I'm not a believer!!". It was a crazy experience, but what a wonderful opportunity it was to testify of such a basic truth. God is real. As we were talking with her, the scripture in Alma 30:44 came to my mind. There is so much evidence. There is so much proof that God not only exists, but is our father. That he loves us. It's all around. She asked us how we could possibly believe in God.... it made me think for a second. Why do I believe?

 The answer is mine to keep. In that moment, the only thing that I could think was, "How can you not?". I testify that God is real. I testify that he is my Father in Heaven. I know this church is true. I'm grateful for the scriptures that help me to grow closer to him. I am a believer!

 I love you all, so very very much.

 Hermana Van Deusen

November 21, 2016

3 Nephi 9:13-14

Mi Familia y Amigos,

 Time is flying and I do not like it. I feel like I just wrote you all yesterady, and now I´m here again! I´m so happy to be able to talk with you all again pero aye a la vida, mi mision esta pasanda demasiado rapido.... Yeesh.

 This week we had a mission tour, and Elder Alonso from the 70 came and whipped us into shape!! He is now one of my favorite General Authorities! It´s such a blessing to have so many servants of the Lord come and speak with us in such a short amount of time. I rarely feel the spirit stronger than I do when they walk in the room and we all stand. They are truly men called of God.

 I learned many things from Elder Alonso about the Plan of Salvation and missionary work in general, but I´ll save that for another day because today I feel super duper extraordinarily mind-blowingly grateful for the Book of Mormon. As a mission, we started reading the Book of Mormon about 4-5 months ago... and we finished last week!!!!!! It was so beautiful. I learned so much, and I realized how VERY much I still have to learn. At the conference, we were given the chance to share our testimonies about a few verses that grew our faith during the reading challenge. I knew immediately the scripture I would share.... 3 Nephi 9:13-14,

 "O ye that are spared because ye are more righteous than they, will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you? Yea, verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me."

 I know that I have shared that scripture with you all before, but it's because it's my favorite in all the book of Mormon. When I read these verses last month, I understood what the leaders of the church meant when they said that the Book of Mormon is the best way to come to know Christ. Because when he said those words, when I read those verses, it all clicked. I felt his love for me. I saw his character. He wants to heal me, he wants to support me. He knows me. I have met my Savior.

 I testify that the Book of Mormon is true. I know it!!!!!!! PLEASE read it. Don't let a day pass by without opening it up. I know that the promises of the Book of Mormon are real and true. I know that if I read it diligently, I will never forget my faith. This is the truth.

 I love and miss you all!!! Have a FANTASTIC week!

 Hermana Van Deusen

November 14, 2016

Alma 37: 38-46

Mi Familia y Amigos,

This week has been a week of miracles!! We had a lot of success, we found people that ae ready and prepared for the restored gospel, and I can't wait to see what happens with them!! As much as I would love to be able to say that it was because of us, this week's success was due to faithful missionaries, members, and investigators who followed very specific promptings during the week. One sister missionary was walking down the street and passed by a woman waiting for the bus. She felt the need to go back, and she contacted a woman who lives in our area... She and her whole family are now reading the Book of Mormon!! A member in our bishopric told us about a part member family in our ward while we were eating dinner at his house, and said "You might be the missionaries to convince them"... The mom of that family is getting baptized!! That same sister gave us the names of three families that live by her that she thought would like to hear the message of the gospel.... We now have three new families investigating the church!! It's been one of the best weeks of my mission, and it's all because others had the courage to open their mouths and say the words that the spirit wanted them to say. Each one of these things are small and simple acts... but they are small and simple acts of faith. The sister missionary turned around, the brother opened his mouth, and the investigator gave us a name. But look at the miracles!! Look at the consequences!! They are beautiful, and I can't express my gratitude for their actions.

I invite you all to read Alma 37: 38-46. Miracles are brought to pass by small and simple means, we can't be lazy in following the promptings we receive or acting upon the knowledge we obtain. We need to listen, we need to act, and then, if we pay enought attention, we will see just how much the Lord has and will bless us. As it states in the last part of verse 46: "The way is prepared, and if we will look we may live forever". I testify of that fact!!

I love and miss you all, and I'm so grateful for your support and examples.

Horrah for Israel!!

Hermana Van Deusen

And hey... Thanks everyone for the letters and love! I got everything all at once this week... the smile didn't leave my face haha

November 7, 2016

Ten Animo

D&C 123: 16-17

"You know brethren, that a very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in the time of a storm, by being kept workways with the wind and the waves. Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power, and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed."

These past few days in my area have been really hard, like REALLY hard. This week is a week of holidays here in Panama... And you know what that means??!! That means that everyone is drinking and partying, and the last thing they want to do is listen to a message from the Mormon missionaries. And guess what I am?! A mormon missionary. Can you see the problem?? Needless to say, we weren't having very much success. All the appointments fell through, nobody was answering the phone, and it was just a mess of a week. BUT we had a miracle! We were contacting a street in a neighborhood on the outskirts of our area. We were going along and NOBODY wanted to let us in. Typical. It was discouraging, but as we were walking along I kept thinking about the talk by President Uchtdorf "4th floor, last door"... so we kept going...until the very last house. We knocked on the last door, and a rough, half dressed man walked out. He asked us what we wanted, and we told him that we are missionaries and we would like to offer a prayer for his home. His entire countenance changed. He said "Of Course!!!" with a big smile. We said the prayer, and then started to talk a little bit with him. All of a sudden he said, "Sisters, I want you to know something. You are important! You are doing a great job. You are working for the Lord, don't ever forget that. Be happy, keep going... don't forget why you're here. Tengan animo!". And then he asked if he could say a prayer for US. It was the first time on my mission that that has happened. He said exactly what we needed to hear, exactly when we needed to hear it, and left us with a spirit of peace and gratitude. The Lord spoke to us in an unexpected way that day. And how grateful I am for that.

All of us are going to have days when things just don't go the way we want them to. We are going to have problems, trials, and sorrows. Some days we are just going to want to go back to bed and hide from it all. But we can't forget, we can never forget, that our Savior has felt it all too. He knows. He knows exactly how you feel. And yet, in every instance, he begs us to "be of good cheer". He's the only person in the world who has the right to say that to everyone. I love you all sooooooo much! And our Savior loves you even more.... REMEMBER THAT. Make this week a fabulous one.


Hermana Van Deusen

Picture: mistep.

October 31, 2016

First Week in Caceras

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos,

Week one in Cacéres.... CHECK! This week has been crazy, the adjustment has been weird, and basically I have no idea what I´m doing... But the Lord´s got a plan and it´s all good!! Cacéres is BEAUTIFUL. It´s full of hills (That are just SO much fun to climb haha) and trees and houses and people and everyone is going about a million miles per hour.... basically the opposite of David! The ward is small, but our area is GIGANTIC. It´s been fun trying to learn it all haha! My hija is good too, we get along and are learning a lot from each other(:

This week we had the chance to hear from ELDER OAKS! He was in Panamá all week, and had a special conference with all the missionaries in Panamá City and the surrounding zones. What a blessing it was to be there. I have no doubt that he was/is called of God. We got to shake his hand... he looked each of us in the eye and said, ¨Hello Elder/Sister¨. When it was my turn, it couldn´t have lasted more than 3 seconds, but I went back to my seat in tears. The spirit was that strong. He spoke about a lot of things, but the thing that really stuck out to me was his counsel to teach the Plan of Salvation. He said that it should always come back to that. Whatever problem an investigator or less-active may have, stems from a lack of understanding or faith in the simple doctrine of the great Plan of Happiness. We are children of God, we have a purpose here on this earth, and we have a grand goal we are striving to achieve. I know that the plan of salvation is real and true!! I know it in my mind and I feel it in my heart. I´m grateful to be a missionary, and I´m grateful for what I´ve learned. It´s like a cloud has been lifted from my mind, and now I can see clearly. It all just makes sense! What a blessing it is to help other people reach that clarity as well.

Don´t take from granted the knowledge that you have. Don´t just know it, Believe it. Then take it one step further, and share it!! Write down the name of the first person that pops into your head, and then act! Talk to them, send the missionaries to them... give them a chance to feel this peace and happiness that we have obtained through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all! I miss you all!! Tengan una semana increíble!!

Hermana Van Deusen


October 24, 2016


i Familia y Amigos....

Soooooooooo we had changes yesterday, and after six months in the BEAUTIFUL city of David, I said goodbye to my beloved area. Now I am serving in Carceres, Araijan..... and I´m a mom!! I´m training the wonderful Hermana Juarez from Nicaragua. It´s been a whirlwind of changes and tears and overall craziness... but I´m here and I´m happy(:

To finish off changes in David, my companion and I had 3 baptisms!! They are 3 kids from 3 different families, and they are super adorable!! It was such a wonderful way to say goodbye to my area and to go to Araijan on a good note. I'm so grateful for the things that I learned there. I truly learned what it means to be a missionary... and while I have a TON still to learn, I am grateful for the experiences I had there that made me stronger.

I don't have much time today due to the choas of changes... but I love you all so much!!! Thank you for the love and support!!!!!

Hermana Van Deusen


October 17, 2016

Happy, Happy, Happy

My AMAZING Family and Friends...

This was a great week. Okay... Every week is a great week haha... But this week was even more so! We saw miracles. Lots of them! And it's been such a blessing to see this mission change under the direction of President Current in these past few months. I'm so grateful for my mission president. He has truly been called of God to serve and improve the Panama, Panama City Mission. Let me tell you one reason why I know that for a fact...

Everyday at 10am, every single missionary in the country of Panama gets down on theirs knees to offer a prayer. We call it "Ferviente Oracion". In this prayer, we ask for three things: That we will find the people who are prepared to receive the gospel, that we will have the courage to open our mouths to talk to them, and that we will have the words to convince them of the truth of our message. It is working!!!! We can actually see the difference. The Lord is blessing not only me and my companion, but all of the companionships in this mission. We can feel the power that this prayer, this simple prayer, is giving us. I testify that prayer is the most powerful tool we possess. We have to use it. We have to BELIEVE in it!!!!! 

This week, this month, or even this year I challenge you all to participate in "fervent prayer" as a couple, a family, or even as an extended family. Ask for blessings, believe that you can receive them, and trust in the will of the Lord. I TESTIFY that you will feel his love and see his hand. 

I love you all. I'm grateful for you all. And I hope this week is incredible for each and every one of you!!! 

Love you!!!

Hermana Van Deusen



October 10, 2016

Share the Gospel!

Hola Mi Familia y Amigos,

Guess What?!!! We had a BAPTISM this week!! Woot Woot!! His name is Derian. He started listening to the missionaries about a year ago, but he wasn't progressing so the missionaries dropped him. My last companion and I visited him a couple of times about 4 months ago, but he didn't seem too interested. Well about a month ago, he came to church with his friend, and told us, "Hey Hermanas, I want to be baptized".... Uhhhh, okay!!!! Music to a missionary's ears! We've been working with him a lot since then, and saturday he finally entered the waters of baptism. It was absolutely beautiful. I cannot express how grateful I am to be a missionary, and that I have the chance to see such wonderful changes in such wonderful people!

Something really cool about Derian's story, is that he was a referral from a member. The member's name is Kenneth, and Derian is his neighbor/friend. Derian is proof that referrals make a difference!!!!! The spirit was so strong when Kenneth placed his hands on Derian's head to give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It wasn't just a great experience for us as missionaries, but for Kenneth and Derian, and everyone that was there in Sacrament Meeting when Kenneth beared his testimony. You guys, SHARE THE GOSPEL. Give REFERALLS!!! You will never regret sharing your testimony and helping the missionaries, but you might regret not!!

I love you all and I am so grateful for your love and support!! Remember who you are, and have a fabulous week!!


Hermana Van Deusen

October 3, 2016

General Conference!!!

Mi Familia y Amigos,

This week was fantastic!! Not only did we have General Conference, but we also had interviews with our mission president, a multi zone conference, and we had about 8 people come to church!! Blessings. It was a very spiritual and incredible week.

So let's talk about conference. Oh my goodness. Talk about Machete. They were pretty direct!! It's crazy because now I have a greater appreciation for this time that we have every 6 months to hear the words of the prophet and apostles. I feel so bad for all of the years I slept through their talks of wisdom and counsel. Never to happen again, I assure you!! I loved every single talk, but the two that really stuck out to me were by Elder M. Russell Ballard, and Elder Russell M. Nelson.... The two Russells... Coincidence? I think not! How true were their words. The gospel of Jesus Christ is JOY, and we can never forget that... because if we don't live by the principles of that Gospel, our joy will be interrupted. How true. I can't express the gratitude that I have to be a member of Christ's church.

I'm sorry but the clock is ticking.... but I love you all so much!! Thank you for your love and support. Remember the words from conference, but more than that, APPLY them.

Your guys are just the best(:

Hermana Van Deusen

September 26, 2016

Another FABULOUS Week!!

Mi Familia y Amigos,

What a fabulous week!!! We were really able to see that hand of the Lord these past few days, and his many tender mercies. AHHH!! I'm really happy today!! And how amazing was The General Women´s Conference???? Pretty amazing if you ask me. It was pretty funny, all day Saturday my companion and I were counting down the hours until we got to go to the Stake Center to watch it. We weren't disappointed! It was exactly what we needed to hear, when we needed to hear it. 

We had something happen that was a little sad on Sunday. We had two men come to church, one is inactive and the other isn't a member. They have lived tough lives in the past, and let's just say their exterior is a little rough. They have a lot of tattoos, and at first glance might not be someone that very many people would greet with a smile. But they came to church. They've changed, and want to learn more about Christ. Well let me tell you what happened. We didn't know that they were coming, so to see them there at church was a cool surprise! My companion and I greeted them, directed them to the Sunday School class, and went to go tell the teacher that we were going to have a class today. As we were walking to the classroom, we saw the two men storm out of the church. We were confused, so we went to a group of people that were gathered together and asked what had happened. Apparently some members were afraid and started to stare at the men and ask them what they were doing here. The members made a scene, and made our investigators feel really uncomfortable and judged... so they left. They left. The house of the Lord, where the people are supposed to be representatives of Christ. My companion and I were really hurt, and couldn't believe it. 

It made me think about Mormon 8, a chapter that the Sister Leaders of the Church were focusing on. It says that in the last day, the church would be puffed up in pride. That people who aren't prepared are going to fall. It was a little harsh, but oh so true! We have to be careful. We have to be humble. We have to be strong!! We have to do everything in our power to be better representatives of Christ. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful that we have the chance to repent. But we have to remember. Remember what Christ did for us, and the love that he has for ALL us. He knows our hearts, and he is the only one with the ability to judge. I encourage you all to read Mormon 8, and think of the things that we can do so that when our trials come, we are ready. 

I love you all!! I'm grateful for every single one of you(: Have a FABULOUS week!! 

Hermana Van Deusen

September 19, 2016


Mi Familia y Amigos,

This was another wonderful week! Since my companion and I already know each other and the area, there wasn´t much adjustment, so we really hit the ground running! WE have a lot of plans to make sure the people that have fetchas bautismales this change follow through, and we are trying really hard to work with the members so as to get the ward to where it needs to be. I´m really excited!!! Our mission president has started a new program for us called ¨5 Families¨... it´s about five families(; The purpose is that with the help of the ward council we select 5 less active families to focus on each week of the change. We are supposed to visit them 2-3 times a week, with the intention to obviously reactivate them, but also to find new people to teach. Less actives know a lot of non-members, and even some of their immediate family isn't baptized, so with that we have a window of opportunity. We've only been doing this for a week, and we can already see the blessings!! 

I love Panama so much because the people are so inviting and warm, and you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. This week we were contacting and we met a family that after 10 minutes of talking with them invited us to have dinner with them, gave us enough food from their garden to feed the equivolent of our whole zone, AND set up a follow up appointment all on their own!! It was like... well OKAY! I have so much love for this area and all the people here. It's incredible. I never want to leave!!! 

This week I read in Alma 36... In this chapter Alma is sharing his conversion story with his son Helaman. It is absolutely incredible, and I encourage you all to read it. Repentance is not something to fear, it is something to take advantage of. Repentance is how we use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He already payed the price, and now his hand is stretched out, with the plea that we will take it. TAKE IT! I love this gospel so much. I am so GRATEFUL for my chance to be a missionary. Words can't express it. I love you all and I hope your week is amazing!! 

Hermana Van Deusen 

September 12, 2016

Another Change Down...

eMi Familia y Amigos,

Another change has come and gone... definitely the fastest change of my mission. My companion and I are both staying put, which while we didn't expect that, is a wonderful blessing!! I'm so grateful because we have some VERY positive investigators right now, and I really want to see their baptisms!!! This change is going to be a good one. I can feel it! 

This change we were focusing a lot on the less actives in our area.... it has been so beautiful to see some of them return and remember their sacred covenants! But for others, it is still a brutal struggle. They struggle with lack of faith and too much pride... and we can see the hurt in their eyes. Many of them became less active because of one small decision, that changed the course of their lives. They forgot their purpose for just a second.... and look at where they are now.  This week I was reading in Alma 23, and it made me think a lot about what it means to be converted. This chapter is about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis, the Lamanites who were converted by Ammon and his brothers. in verse 6 it says ,

"and as sure as the Lord liveth, so sure as many as believed, or as many as were brought to the knowledge of the truth, through the preaching of Ammon and his brethren, according to the spirit of revelation and of prophecy, and the power of God working miracles in them- yea, I say unto you, as the Lord liveth, as many of the Lamanites as believed in their preaching, and were converted unto the Lord, never did fall away."

They were unshakeable. When their faith was tested as the wicked Lamanites fell upon them in an act of war, they remembered the covenants they had made and as stated in Chapter 24:23 , they "praised God even in the very act of perishing under the sword".  They didn't fear. They knew in whom they had trusted. 

I encourage you all to read these chapters, because they are awesome!! But how true it is... we ned to develop our testimonies in such a way that when our tirals come, and they will come, we won't have to wonder what to do or where to turn. We will know. Don't just have a testimony.  Be a convert. 

I love you all and I am so grateful for your love and support!! I have pictures , but my computer is lame today and they won't load. Next week!! Have a fabulous week!!! 

Hermana Van Deusen

September 5, 2016

Mi Familia y Amigos,

This week was absolutely swell.... it was just one of those weeks were there wasn´t anything particularly note-worthy... but you just feel happy!! Sunday was probably the highlight... we had 4 investigators and 4 less actives come to church, which is AWESOME!! We are trying to work really hard this change (well every change...), and we are beginning to see the fruits of our labors! Oh how I love this work!!!!! 

This week I was reading in the book of Alma. In Alma chapter 5, Alma the Younger is beginning his ministry among the Nephites... he left his family, his job, basically his whole life, to go out and preach the gospel. In verses 14-16 of this chapter he says something that absolutely blew me away... 

 14 And now behold, ask of you, my brethren of thechurch, have ye spiritually been born of GodHave yereceived his image in your countenances? Have yeexperienced this mighty change in your hearts?

 15 Do ye exercise faith in the redemption of him whocreated you? Do you look forward with an eye of faith,and view this mortal body raised in immortality, and thiscorruption raised in incorruption, to stand before God tobe judged according to the deeds which have been done inthe mortal body?

 16 say unto you, can you imagine to yourselves that yehear the voice of the Lord, saying unto you, in that day:Come unto me ye blessedfor behold, your works havebeen the works of righteousness upon the face of theearth?

Wow. He really was asking some tough questions. When I read this I got a little emotional... because how true is that. One day, we are going to see the face of our Savior. He is going to sit us down, he's going to look us in the eyes, and what is he going to see?? What is he going to say?? How are we going to feel?? Personally, I think he is going to ask us something like this... "Did you use my Atonement? Did you take advantage of the loving opportunities I gave you? How did you use my name?" Now is the time to prepare ourselves for that day. Now is the time to "receive his image in our countenances".... because who doesn't want to hear "Come unto me ye blessed"? I testify that the only way that we can have unending joy, is mediante Jesus Christ and his Gospel. It's the ONLY way. How blessed we are to have that knowledge, and to have so many countless opportunities. 

I love you all and I am so grateful for your love and support!!!! Tengan una buena semana!! 

Hermana Van Deusen