July 3, 2017

What Just Happened???

Mi Familia Y Amigos,

So a lot of things have happened and I don´t really have enough time
to adequately explain it all... but let me start with the most
important thing:


All the sweat, tears, and anxiety was all 100% worth it because on
Friday that 70 year old man entered the waters of baptism!! It was
beautiful!! ... and also funny because he was baptized by a man who is
at least 80 years old (Guillermo almost didn´t make it OUT de las
aguas del bautismo haha).  It was a special moment, and Hermana Ramsey
and I were really grateful to be able to be a part of his story. One
of my favorite baptismal services ever.

SO GUESS WHAT ELSE?! Last night we had changes. Sadly, but not
completely unexpectedly, Cardenas was closed! I got transferred! Now I
am in a place called Santiago in the province of Veraguas. My
companions name is Hermana Aliaga from Lima, Peru. It´s all kind of
been a whirlwind and I´m still in shock kind of... but here I am!!
Santiago is in the Interior of Panama and is actually pretty close to
my first area. I feel a little ¨deja vu¨ed.

Overall, this week I learned the importance of trusting in the Lord.
He really can do anything and everything he wants... and what he wants
is our eternal happiness. When we trust him, he can bless. He can make
us much more than we are. I am so grateful for this time that I have
to be a missionary!!

I love it!! I love you!! Have a Fabulous week!!

Hermana Van Deusen

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