September 26, 2016

Another FABULOUS Week!!

Mi Familia y Amigos,

What a fabulous week!!! We were really able to see that hand of the Lord these past few days, and his many tender mercies. AHHH!! I'm really happy today!! And how amazing was The General Women´s Conference???? Pretty amazing if you ask me. It was pretty funny, all day Saturday my companion and I were counting down the hours until we got to go to the Stake Center to watch it. We weren't disappointed! It was exactly what we needed to hear, when we needed to hear it. 

We had something happen that was a little sad on Sunday. We had two men come to church, one is inactive and the other isn't a member. They have lived tough lives in the past, and let's just say their exterior is a little rough. They have a lot of tattoos, and at first glance might not be someone that very many people would greet with a smile. But they came to church. They've changed, and want to learn more about Christ. Well let me tell you what happened. We didn't know that they were coming, so to see them there at church was a cool surprise! My companion and I greeted them, directed them to the Sunday School class, and went to go tell the teacher that we were going to have a class today. As we were walking to the classroom, we saw the two men storm out of the church. We were confused, so we went to a group of people that were gathered together and asked what had happened. Apparently some members were afraid and started to stare at the men and ask them what they were doing here. The members made a scene, and made our investigators feel really uncomfortable and judged... so they left. They left. The house of the Lord, where the people are supposed to be representatives of Christ. My companion and I were really hurt, and couldn't believe it. 

It made me think about Mormon 8, a chapter that the Sister Leaders of the Church were focusing on. It says that in the last day, the church would be puffed up in pride. That people who aren't prepared are going to fall. It was a little harsh, but oh so true! We have to be careful. We have to be humble. We have to be strong!! We have to do everything in our power to be better representatives of Christ. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful that we have the chance to repent. But we have to remember. Remember what Christ did for us, and the love that he has for ALL us. He knows our hearts, and he is the only one with the ability to judge. I encourage you all to read Mormon 8, and think of the things that we can do so that when our trials come, we are ready. 

I love you all!! I'm grateful for every single one of you(: Have a FABULOUS week!! 

Hermana Van Deusen

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