April 23, 2016

MTC Week 4

Familia y amigos,

Week 4 already?! 2 1/2 more weeks and I'll be on my way to Panamá!! Qué en el mundo! 

This week has been awesome!! In all of my classes we have been focusing a lot on the gift of tongues. What a blessing that gift is! I have come to love and appreciate it so much. El don de lenguas es real! My teacher, Hermana Russell, is wonderful. She always prepares the exact lesson that we all need to hear. Yesterday she was teaching us about Alma the younger and the Sons of Mosiah, specifically about their conversion process. I can´t remember the exact reference, but she shared a scripture that talked about how the devil tries to discourage us, and we have to decide to focus on the light. She applied that to speaking Spanish, and how the devil will whisper things into our ears like "I'll never get this language", "So and So is so much better at speaking than I" or "I'll never understand"... Small things that if believed, can truly damage your motivation. We can't fall into that pit of lies. As missionaries, we have been called to the work. With that, the Lord is more than willing to give us everything we need. We need to work hard and have faith, and with that the Lord can work mighty miracles through us. Oh how true that fact is. We aren't learning a new language or coming to the MTC for ourselves, it is for the people in our missions who are being prepared right now to receive this beautiful message. The gospel is truly that, beautiful. 

Our TRC investigator Diana is progressing so much, and it has been such a wonderful experience for us. I'm like 90% sure she is a member, but we have learned so much from teaching her. On Wednesday we taught her the Plan of Salvation, and I almost feel like that lesson was more for me than for her. To see her face light up when we told her about the fact that she can be with her family forever was such a testimony builder for me. I love this gospel!! I love this work!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Remember that the Lord wants to bless us, we just have to ask. 

Con Amor, 

Hermana Van Deusen

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