May 22, 2017

New Adventures....

​​​Mi Familia y Amigos,

Well.... this week was changes week... and guess who had changes?!?!?! ME. I left my beloved area of Nueva Esperanza and am now here in Cardenas. Cardenas is in Panama City, and it's actually really cool because the temple is in our area!! We get to see it every Sunday when we go to church(: The only down side about Cardenas is that it's kind of known for being a really difficult area as far as baptisms are concerned. Our area is what you might call "rich". We have a lot of people here from the U.S. and other European countries... just to give you an idea, we are the ONLY area  in all of Panama (other than the Assistants) that has an IPhone haha. BUT I'm really excited because there are a lot of people here with potential and I am 100% sure that we are going to have a lot of success here. It's kind of weird to think though that this is probably my last area before I go home... YEESH.

My companions name is Hermana Ramsey. I've met her before in consejos de la mision and other things like that. I think we will have a great change together(: She goes home in July so I'll be her last comp. It was sad to leave Hermana Denning, but I know that she'll do great things in Tocumen.

BUT HEY!!! Yesterday we had another baptism!! His name is Albert. He got baptized in 8 days(: It was probably the best way I could have left Tocumen. He is a friend of Cristian and Glenis, and he is so excited about the gospel!! He's only 16 but wow he's made a lot of changes in his life in this short amount of time. It was such a blessing to be apart of his story(:

Welp... to end I just want to share one scripture with you: Alma 26:16. I really really love this gospel!!


Hermana Van Deusen

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