November 29, 2016

God Is Real!

Mi Familia y Amigos,

 Well this week was Suuuuuuuperb!! Wednesday we found an American family while contacting, and I put on my best smile and got us invited over for thanksgiving dinner!! It was a lot of fun and, although it wasn't the same as back home, it was a beautiful day! The turkey was delicious! The weather here has been crazy because of the Hurricane that is passing by Central America.... lots of storms but nothing too severe has hit Panama. Two people in our neighborhood died though because of a mudslide that totally destroyed their house. It was super sad... thankfully it was the next street over and our house didn't receive any damage. It was a reminder that anything can happen at any time. No baptisms this week, but we are PRAYING that one of our investigators follows through with his baptismal date set for next week. We will see what happens!!

 So this week we found an atheist, which like, never happens in Panama.... everyone believes in God here, it was such a shock to walk up to her door and find her yelling "I'm not a believer!!". It was a crazy experience, but what a wonderful opportunity it was to testify of such a basic truth. God is real. As we were talking with her, the scripture in Alma 30:44 came to my mind. There is so much evidence. There is so much proof that God not only exists, but is our father. That he loves us. It's all around. She asked us how we could possibly believe in God.... it made me think for a second. Why do I believe?

 The answer is mine to keep. In that moment, the only thing that I could think was, "How can you not?". I testify that God is real. I testify that he is my Father in Heaven. I know this church is true. I'm grateful for the scriptures that help me to grow closer to him. I am a believer!

 I love you all, so very very much.

 Hermana Van Deusen

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